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Hi, I’m Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network, which I founded in 1990.

As a journalist, book author, activist, and documentary film producer, many of my investigative projects have been featured on FOX News, CNN, the Washington Post, the Hannity Show, and many other national news programs.

I created the Majority Report because I believe most Americans aren’t afraid of the truth, which the mainstream media routinely treats as conspiracy theories or hate-mongering.

My articles will provide readers with rich, in-depth news analysis on current events that the legacy media routinely censors out of fear of offending woke mobs.

I’ve been in the pro-family movement for 40 years. As a seasoned veteran, I strive to break through the liberal media fog that schemes to blind America’s majority, who only seek the truth.

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News and analysis where truth is never a conspiracy theory. A publication of Christian Action Network president Martin Mawyer.


Martin Mawyer is the Founder of Christian Action Network, based in Lynchburg, VA