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News and analysis where truth is never a conspiracy theory. A podcast by Martin Mawyer and Pastor Jason Binder.

Look now! The State Department is ALSO turning into a political weapon - VideoWatch now (46 min) | Plus other topics: Jane Fonda calls for murder; Christian fired for not attending LGBT training classes; MD bill would…
Students told they were too WHITE for a school play - VideoWatch now (55 min) | Plus other topics: LA mayor says she won't hire right-wing cops; Military kids being indoctrinated to hate white people; Hershey's…
Chat GPT. Good, bad, perhaps evil? We debate - VideoWatch now (53 min) | Bill Gates invests $10 billion in Chat GPT and makes it part of Bing Search. But the left-leaning AI program is already bragging…
Satanism Trends in America - VideoWatch now (51 min) | From After School Satan Clubs to a Satanic Grammys' performance, Beelzebub is in fashion
Norway to study if white paint is racist - VideoWatch now (62 min) | Racist paint? Come on Norway, you must be smoking the NorWeed
Is the Centers for Disease Control becoming the Centers for Mind Control? Shocking test sent to educators - VideoWatch now (75 min) | CDC launches campaign to turn educators into an "Awesome Ally" of the Rainbow Flag
Stephen Colbert Says the UnthinkableWatch now (5 min) | Late-night host Stephen Colbert blasphemes the name of Jesus by telling his audience, “Just like that cuck Jesus, send that guy…
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