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Not commonly known, but one of the driving reasons for the Mayflower Pilgrims to leave Holland was that their sons were joining the Dutch army. And, because warfare in that day was mainly not in defense, but in invasion, oppression, looting, pillaging, in other words, soldiering was unlawful.

Today, America has become a champion of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and many other forms of deviancy. I would not rejoin the army to die or be maimed to protect people who celebrate these terrible sins. I would advise Christian young people to not join the military, or choose a service area that was safe, like JAG, green zone medical, military intelligence, finance, personnel, etc.

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Isa 5:20 starts to reveal the root of the problem, or if you prefer, the weakness of the enemy.

Satan is the father of lies. To the extent one first entertains the lie, then starts to believe the lie, and finally acts on, and then owns the lie. One has traveled the path of sin further than he ever wanted to go, and for longer than he ever imagined that he would stay. This is why Jesus is the way, truth and life. This is why Christians, being in Christ Jesus, cannot stay on the devil's path. It never leads to righteousness. Ask yourself: do you want your life to promote righteousness? or evil? Then how do you vote?

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It is not what men conclude after having read and evaluated the writings of Scripture that is the inerrant word of God. The vast array of Christian denominations which claim to be based upon the true meaning and intent of Scripture demonstrate this conclusively. It is actually what exists in the mind and heart of God concerning the narrative of Scripture that is actually the true and complete the word of God that He has made available to us. Except that we each become intimates of God, a chosen state which imparts perfect and complete knowledge of God, that intent will always remain substantially hidden from us no matter how clever,. astute, or enlightened we may regard ourselves to be.

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