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Beware, be brave, be gentle as doves but wise as serpents.

A better translation for the word "wise" that Jesus used is "shrewd". More specifically defined as "acting in one's self interest". And in context, this snake like shrewdness was deemed necessary, he said, due to the 'wolves' where he was sending his sheep.

And how to snakes act in their self interest?

They hide, blend in, camouflage themselves, travel quietly. But they carry a Big Stick (fangs) that they use rarely when necessary, preceded by an ample terrifying warning.

Mostly, snakes dont have to use them because of their reputation-- as snakes.

Paul demanded that he and Silas be escorted out of prison personally by the officials responsible for beating them publicly without a trial. They were Roman Citizens! And the officials were rightly embarrassed, ashamed, alarmed when they found out. (Acts 16)

The message here is not for Christians to organize ourselves into gangs of hooligans smashing windows, or to curse Chase Bank out with profanity on social media.

But the message is ... to not let Chase Bank think they can get away with such blatantly illegal targeting of organizations they disagree with.

They will paint Christians as the KKK and 'sexual minorities' as the victims of segregation.

That's their excuse for bullying child centered faith groups with family values.

The decision makers are hiding behind a corporate wall.

Don't let action like this go without a lawsuit.

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