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End Times?

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WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHUT DOWN A ROGUE TERRORIST govt WE SHOULD HAVE DONE IT WHEN USURPER joe illegally claimed presidency pedocrats ☠️ UNITE IN FORCE ITS GETTING WORSE BECAUSE OF THE demonicrat terrorist regime if you do nothing we all SUFFER / DIE. - ONLY THESE CORRUPT democrat globalist so called elitists will have food electricity and all essentials to live. -- aoc and the terrorist demonicrats green new deal ☠ BEWARE OF aoc green new deal = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QjrBjdb2T8

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Where are the parents?

Do they know and not care?

As a survivor of sexual abuse, and a middle school teacher, this is outrageous and so wrong.

Please give us people to contact and steps to get him out of these kids lives.

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Grooming 101...PERIOD!

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