Norway to study if white paint is racist - Video

Racist paint? Come on Norway, you must be smoking the NorWeed

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots:

0:00 Kamala Harris leaves out “life” from Declaration of Independence

7:26 Tony Dungy apologizes for offending transgenders

18:20 School board member says “whiteness is evil,” more dangerous than wild animals

23:13 Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee introduces bill to combat ‘white supremacy’

28:25 DeSantis stops NHL job fair that banned white people

33:12 British Museum bans the word ‘Mummy’ as offensive to corpses

38:58 Norway to study if white paint is racist

44:49 Washington Department of Health urges 'transmasculine persons with a cervix' to seek out smears

50:09 Patriots Takings a Stand Segment

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