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Elon Musk and others face assassination threats to keep them silent - Video Podcast

From Elon Musk, to pro-life groups, to a Christian organization that simply wants to have dinner, conservatives are being gagged, censored and threatened into silence.

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots:

0:30 US Government lies to social media platforms to suppress free speech 

10:18 Can government officials be held accountable for violating free speech

20:46 How Congress can protect constitutional rights

25:51 Elon Musk fears assassination

30:36 Senator wants to revoke IRS tax exemption of conservative group

36:22 A Pro-life group and a church are threatened with assassination

39:00 Feds spend $5M to help people chastise their friends’ over ‘harmful’ posts

47:46 Restaurant cancels Christian group’s reservations because LGBT staff feared them

52:37 Taking a Stand Segment:

Pastors create “Pastor Story Hour” at libraries

Christians refuse to remove a nativity scene


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