Feb 7, 2022 • 41M

The sinister plot to have doctors to rule the world!

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Martin Mawyer
News and analysis where truth is never a conspiracy theory. A podcast by Martin Mawyer and Pastor Jason Binder.
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It’s utter madness! Have you heard? Over 200 American municipalities have now declared racism to be a public health crisis. Not just a ‘crisis,’ but an emergency! It’s a shocking power grab that promises to upend life as we know it.

Thanks to government mandates, powerful medical lobbies think they now have the power to control the lives, fortunes and destiny of American citizens – so they can cure racism. And they plan on using it.

They are calling for a ‘rewiring’ of society, such as mandating Critical Race Theory classes and more. Does a vaccine passport upset you? Then look out for the anti-racist passport that could be landing in a city near you.

Patriots. They deserve a voice. So, we’re giving it to them!